Hey friends and family. I know it’s been a long time since I have put up a post. The last 6 months since I returned from the trail have been very busy. I’m glad to report that I saw my doctor Monday and we have decided to start the process of tapering me off all of my medications. It’s a long process that will take at least 2 months. In the end I hope it’s worth the gamble. The biggest problem I’m facing is that my headache isn’t fully gone yet, so if I start coming off the meds my headache could come back in full swing. And then we would be back to square one. I’m going in to see a headache specialist to see when I can go “test the waters” as we call it and literally go throw myself into a freezing cold river to see how my head reacts. Am I scared, YES, but if doing all of this means maybe just maybe I can get back to the trail this year; then bring it on.

No matter what, we will still be very involved with the trail. As with last year, we will again host hikers at our home in Seattle and I will be up every weekend to do trail magic if we don’t end up back on trail. I will keep you all posted as things progress with my doctor appointments. Happy New Year to you all!!!

More Videos from our 2011 PCT Thru-hiker

More Videos

The pictures are in! I have uploaded 704 picturs!

Border – Warner Springs

Warner Springs – Big Bear

Big Bear – Hiker Town

Hiker Town – Independence

Independence – VVR

VVR – Donner Pass

PCTA Day’s Trail Magic

Sarah and I put on some Trail Magic down at PCTA days serving food to all the thru-hikers.  We wish you all good luck! Here are the pictures.

Home for the Season

We are both home for the season. The first week was hard adjusting back to the normal life but things started coming together really quickly. We became very busy running around and getting our belongings we needed. We started working on our business (Backup Planet) and have both found jobs. Last night we started looking for a place to live,(other then Sarah’s parents) and found a house for rent in north Seattle just south of our Town House. We are heading over to take a look at it tomorrow.

For now we are simply trying to enjoy are last couple of weeks not working. We will be posting more videos and pictures soon, I am waiting for the new laptop we purchased to arrive.  Should be here early next week and then I will upload more pictures and video. 

It’s crazy how quickly you become busy.  We have plans to head down to PCTA days Labor Day weekend and hope some thru hikers will be there as we will be putting on some trail magic.

Thru Hikers, We will put a sign with our phone numbers up at Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass, If you need anything give us a call and we will be glad to help you out any way we can.  We will also most likely be putting on some trail magic on Snoqualmie Pass.


Back in Washington for a week

I ended up hiking south bound from Donner Pass to Echo Lake Resort.  Since I was staying with some people in Truckee last weekend it was much easier to get back on trail at Donner Pass and I knew it would be an easy hitch from Echo Lake Resort to South Lake Tahoe.  From South Lake Tahoe I took a city bus to the Harris Casino in State Line and from the Harris I took an airport shuttle to the Reno airport. From the airport I then waited for the Circus Circus shuttle as if I just flew in on a flight and got a free ride to Circus Circus where I stayed for two nights.  

I wondered around Reno for two nights and managed to walk the 9 miles round trip to REI to return my gaiters.  I found that Reno really doesn’t have much to look at. I thought it would be more like Vegas but definitely is no Vegas. 

I flew out Friday at 10:15 for Seattle and Sarah (Stumbling Goat) picked me up from the airport.  It’s really nice to be home and see my wife.  She has gone to the store and purchased all my favorite food for me to eat for the week.

I fly back to Reno next Friday on the 29th. I will then find a ride back to Donner Pass and take off on the trail heading North from where I left off.

Friends on the trail

I don’t have a whole lot of time to post to my blog and I am not carrying a Smart phone or any device to type out my blog on the trail. Some other I hike with are and  you may enjoy reading their blogs.  Below is a list of people and links  to their blogs that we have hiked with.

Wired http://erinspctjournal.blogspot.com/
Balls & Sunshine  http://www.trailjournals.com/about.cfm?trailname=11697
Free Range  http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?id=345668
Bottle Rocket  http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?trailname=11707
Speed Bump  www.trailjournals.com/bmiracle2

Heading home to see Stumbling Goat

So as last minute flights are expensive I did a lot of research and came up with a plan to head home for a week to see my wife.  I am going to get back on trail Sunday and hike the 61 miles from Echo Lake Resort to Donner Pass Road at mile 1155.5. From here I will hitch into Truckee on Thursday to make a 2:38pm bus to Reno. I will then get a hotel in reno and  fly out of Reno to Seattle Friday morning.  I will be staying in Seattle to be with my wife till next Friday and then fly back to Reno to get back on trail.   I think this plan is the best choice to go see my wife as there is no other major cities to fly out of north of here.

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