Back in Washington for a week

I ended up hiking south bound from Donner Pass to Echo Lake Resort.  Since I was staying with some people in Truckee last weekend it was much easier to get back on trail at Donner Pass and I knew it would be an easy hitch from Echo Lake Resort to South Lake Tahoe.  From South Lake Tahoe I took a city bus to the Harris Casino in State Line and from the Harris I took an airport shuttle to the Reno airport. From the airport I then waited for the Circus Circus shuttle as if I just flew in on a flight and got a free ride to Circus Circus where I stayed for two nights.  

I wondered around Reno for two nights and managed to walk the 9 miles round trip to REI to return my gaiters.  I found that Reno really doesn’t have much to look at. I thought it would be more like Vegas but definitely is no Vegas. 

I flew out Friday at 10:15 for Seattle and Sarah (Stumbling Goat) picked me up from the airport.  It’s really nice to be home and see my wife.  She has gone to the store and purchased all my favorite food for me to eat for the week.

I fly back to Reno next Friday on the 29th. I will then find a ride back to Donner Pass and take off on the trail heading North from where I left off.

  • Julia, Mark, and Thomas

    Hello Mike! First I want to say, awesome job getting through all the snow in Yosemite! We originally planned to hike the JMT this August, but scraped that plan in favor of something more manageable, which has turned out to be a south bound trek on the PCT from Sierra City to Echo…then picking up the rest of the TRT around to the north end of the lake. My brother, “Girlscout” hiked the PCT in 2006 and will be joining us on our first leg of this trip…we leave 7/29 from Sierra City, so maybe will to cross paths with you along the way!

  • Tenderfoot

    I can give you the ride from the Reno airport back to the trailhead, no problem. Friday the 29th at 10 am, right?

  • Mike

    Correct, You can email me at I land at 9:40 so 10 am would work good.