Heading home to see Stumbling Goat

So as last minute flights are expensive I did a lot of research and came up with a plan to head home for a week to see my wife.  I am going to get back on trail Sunday and hike the 61 miles from Echo Lake Resort to Donner Pass Road at mile 1155.5. From here I will hitch into Truckee on Thursday to make a 2:38pm bus to Reno. I will then get a hotel in reno and  fly out of Reno to Seattle Friday morning.  I will be staying in Seattle to be with my wife till next Friday and then fly back to Reno to get back on trail.   I think this plan is the best choice to go see my wife as there is no other major cities to fly out of north of here.

  • tenderfoot

    please check your Facebook account, or Sarah’s account. I live in Reno and I probably be able to help you out with some rides. It’s only a 45-60 minute drive from Donner Pass road to the Reno airport.

  • http://www.mikebrawley.com Mike

    My Facebook is facebook.com/mikebrawley Send me a message I would love a ride as I just tried to book the Bus and they have to mail you the tickets and I have no where for them to mail them too.

  • tenderfoot

    Mike, From the looks of the SPOT tracking, it looks like you’ve changed your plans a bit. Do you still need a ride later in the week to get to the airport in Reno?

    Sarah, do you know?

  • http://www.mikebrawley.com Mike

    HI Tenderfoot,

    Yes I changed my plans to go southbound as It was easier for the people I was staying with to just drop me off at Donner Pass. I figured out how to get to Reno from S. L. Tahoe and it was an easy hitch into Tahoe. I do need a ride from Reno to Donner Pass next Friday the 29th to return to the trail. My Flight gets in to Reno at 10am. If you would be willing to give me a ride that would be great. Let me know if you could. If not, specially as its durring the day on Friday I will come up with a plan to get back on trail.

  • Tenderfoot

    Sounds good. I’ll be able to give you a ride from the airport to the trailhead at Donner. We can work on the details later in the week, but I’ll definitely be there Friday morning.